Epiq knows healthcare lien resolution.
After all, we created the industry.

Through the acquisition of Garretson Resolution Group in 2019, Epiq now has world-class expertise in lien resolution. Our practices are the best practices. Our passion is protecting your clients' interests.

About Epiq and Garretson Resolution Group

Since 1998, Garretson, and now Epiq, have been providing healthcare lien resolution services for individual and mass tort legal settlements. In that time, our expert team has resolved millions of liens and preserved more than $6 billion in settlement awards for claimants. To accomplish this, we've mastered the ins and outs of injury settlements and the intricacies of healthcare repayment obligations. And we've innovated. From our proprietary internal resolution platform to our popular client web portal, Epiq continually looks for ways to leverage technology. Our newest innovation, LienDesk, makes our clients' lives easier and allows us to work faster and smarter on behalf of injured claimants.

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